TruStage is a direct mail program that provides life and health products to our JPEFCU membership and is sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group.*

Members Choice GAP Protection*

Members Choice GAP Protection offers affordable protection for your vehicle loan, as well as peace of mind. This is how it works. You know you owe the Credit Union money on your loan, but your insurance company will only pay a depreciated value in many cases, possibly leaving you owing thousands of dollars, plus your deductible.

Members Choice Auto Care Mechanical Repair Coverage*

Next to your home, your vehicle is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. As a JPEFCU member, you are eligible for coverage under a special mechanical breakdown protection plan for new and pre-owned vehicles available through this coverage. A pre-owned vehicle plan must be purchased at the time the vehicle is purchased.

* Nominal fees may apply for some of our products and services.
Please contact JPEFCU at (504)736-6144 for more information.