JPEFCU Tips & Tricks for Holiday Shopping

    Shopping days are quickly approaching. JPEFCU has a few tips and tricks to avoid the scams of the holidays.
    Use a Credit, Not Debit Card

    Credit cards provide extra security since they have price protection and are more convenient. However, if a scammer gets to gain access your debit card, they could possibly hack your checking account. If you notice fraudulent activity, it could take up to 24 hours for the financial institution to dispute the claims as well as issuing you a refund. May even result in a closure of your account.

    Avoid Phishing Scams

    Although these emails are from some of your favorite retailers, they might not be exactly what they seem to be. Make sure you check the URL in the email or visit the retailer’s website directly. Retailers this time of year will send out many emails advertising their holiday specials.

    Fake Coupons

    During this shopping frenzy you will notice that websites and social media will pop up with “too good to be true” coupons. Although these coupons look real, they might not be. To avoid this problem go straight to the company’s website or check the URL.

    Use Mobile Wallets

    Mobile wallets have an encryption built into them. Even if the retailer gets hacked your information is still safe. Mobile wallets are also contactless payments!

    Avoid Public Wi-Fi

    Using public Wi-Fi is one of the easiest ways a hacker can get your information. Unsecured Wi-Fi can be very dangerous. Instead, try using a VPN (virtual private network).

    Antivirus & Theft Protection

    Many holiday scammers can be stopped by simply having this program. It keeps your personal information safe. You can search online for antivirus and theft protection programs; some you can purchase and others may even be free.

    We hope these tips and tricks JPEFCU provided will help keep you and your financial wellbeing safe for holiday shopping!