JEFF 24 Hour Audio Response Program
(504) 736-6555

Our touch-tone telephone response program allows members to access accounts free and conveniently whether at home, at work or by cellular phone. It’s safe, free and simple to use. Members can complete transactions 7 days a week/24 hours a day without ever entering a credit union lobby.

Come by a JPEFCU Branch to Sign up and choose your own Personal Identification Number.

Upgraded JEFF 24 Telephone Audio Response System!


Jeff 24 Hour



This upgraded system is easy to navigate, and you do NOT have to do anything differently to access JEFF. Your authorization code which this system calls a PIN will remain the same. You simply dial (504) 736-6555 as you always have. JEFF’s menu options have changed due to this upgrade, simply click the phone image above to access a copy (PDF) of the handy wallet reference card to help you navigate through our enhanced telephone response system.